Maine: School and Hiking

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Hey y’all! Since my last post on the blog I’ve gone through some fairly drastic life changes. To put my life in the last 3 months bluntly: I have moved over 1,000 miles away from the Heart of Dixie, Alabama to beautiful rough and rugged Maine. I started my studies at the University of Maine this fall. Thank goodness for fall break! I’m not going lie, the freshman semester is rough. So to take my mind off the books, I accepted an invitation to hike Mt. Chase. It’s not the biggest or roughest mountain, but I certainly enjoyed the hike. It was an amazing feeling to go out and climb 2,400 feet up a mountain, then stand on the summit with nothing else but the clear wind whipping past and Katahdin looming in the hazy blue distance. As much as I enjoyed the hike, I struggled to translate the beauty into my photographs. Hope y’all Enjoy the photos from the trail.


The Trail


Up to Eagle Point

The above photograph shows one of the hardest parts of the trail, although it wasn’t very difficult. This part of the trail actually doesn’t go to the summit, but to a great spot called Eagle Point. I found the climb to Eagle Point exhilarating; it starts out like most of the trail, a stony and root covered path ascending through a fairly wooded slope. Suddenly, you come upon a spot where you must scramble over a rock face and continue the trail at a steep grade, which breaks you above the trees and leads you to a clear summit with a lovely view of the autumn landscape. The photograph above shows the spot in the trail where the more vertical component begins. The below photograph is the trail leading almost to the top of Eagle Point.



Katahdin Horizon




Trail to the Summit






6 thoughts on “Maine: School and Hiking

  1. Ohh those are some beautiful pictures Jacob! The colors of fall up in Maine seem much more vibrant than down here. 😉 I’m glad you had such a good time on your hike!

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