Astrophotos Amid the Rainy Season, March and April

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Nocturnal Cows

Nocturnal Cows

Several nights have yielded some nice results for me over the past month even though spring brings a lot of clouds and rain around here. I enjoy the nights I’m able to get out, even if some of them are plagued with equipment quirks. Jupiter is steadily  receding, growing smaller and setting earlier every night, so Jupiter season is starting coming to a close. But it’s not quite over yet! I’m still shooting. The nice part is that it crosses the meridian at a convent time, and is still large enough to enjoy nice detail. So, here’s what I think is my best Jupiter to date, with the Great Red Spot. Taken on March 30.

Jupiter 2015-03-30

But there’s more! Jupiter rotates quite quickly: about once every 10 hours. You can actually watch it rotate over the course of hours. And with such quick rotation, we can do some cool things. I took two photographs, within about 10 minutes apart. Jupiter rotated a little bit, but noticeably, within that time. Since the two photographs have a slightly shifted perspective, I can put them side by side and create a 3-D stereo pair. If you’re familiar with stereo pairs, give this one a try! You should get a neat globe effect.

Stereo Pair

Some lunar shots, also from the 30th:





Sinus Iridum

And finally, here’s another Jupiter. This one has some interesting features- it has a lunar shadow in transit. To Jupiter’s right, you see one of Jupiter’s moons: Io. On the face of Jupiter, you see the shadow that is cast by the moon.

Jupiter Io Shadow Transit


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