Milky Way Season Again!

Photography, Science Tech

Milky Way

Hey y’all, it’s that time of year again… time for the spectacular Milky Way Galaxy to put on a show. I hope everyone gets a chance to get out under dark skies and see the Milky Way for yourselves; there’s nothing quite like the beautiful cascade of stars and nebulae of our home galaxy. Well, enjoy my latest astrophotos! Behind these photos was a 1:00 AM shoot, with plenty of biting bugs and next-morning drowsiness. Oh, not to mention getting locked out of my own house! Either I’m insane, or I love what I do. Perhaps both…

And if you’re outside at night this week and especially next week, look for meteors! The Perseid meteor shower peeks next week, but the moon will be up and shining brightly, making this a less than optimal year for the Perseids (the Perseids are one of the best annual meteor showers of the year). Oh well, we’ll have to hold out until the winter show this year, with the Geminid meteor shower climax. (The Geminids are also one of the top annual meteor showers of the year, but it’s always freezing).

Milky Way


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