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What’s Maine Without Eating Lobster?

I realize it’s been a while since the last post. I’m sorry, but the reasons are Mainely good. My sister and I took a week long trip to the beautiful state of Maine several weeks ago; it was a fun and full week, and I’m sure the Maine thing we’ll remember is the good time we had.

Ok, in all seriousness and bad puns aside, here are a few photos from our week. It was wonderful trip; it was my sister Abigail’s first excursion to Maine and my third. Whenever I go to Maine it’s always an incredible experience that makes me want to go back. The primary reason for our northernly journey was to assist our grandpa, owner of Katie’s Kanoes, with a demonstration day for his canoes. The canoes he had for the demonstration day were not your typical canoes; they’re NuCanoes. The NuCanoe is a bit wider, a lot more stable, and a lot more versatile than most other canoes. On one of his NuCanoes he has a rudder with a small electric motor on it and a solar panel, which I got to fiddle with while I was up there (oh joy!). Another one was rigged with a sail. From paddling around Cold Stream Pond, to flying in a floatplane above it (thanks, Mr. Roger!), to boating on Mettawamkeag Lake (many thanks to Arthur and Reneva Smith for the lovely cruise on their boat!) we thoroughly enjoyed our Maine experience. Visit my Flickr page to see all the photos.


Abigail awaits takeoff in rainy Atlanta



We Got to Ride in This

We Got to Ride in This

Mr. Roger flew a floatplane out to Cold Stream Pond to try and buy a NuCanoe from Katie’s Kanoes. He very kindly offered us a ride above Cold Stream Pond.

Cold Stream Pond

Cold Stream Pond

Along Mettawamkeag Lake

Along Mettawamkeag Lake



What could be better than a beautiful sunset from a canoe on a lake? Taken from the deck of a NuCanoe.


8 thoughts on “The Maine Post

  1. Sounds fun, I’ve never been to Maine. I must say, I can now appreciate what all goes into websites, etc., because I am learning how to read the code that makes them up.

    1. Maine is quite beautiful, and very different in many ways. Including weather…

      That’s great… what are you leaning, html? I am learning web languages too (that’s one of the reasons I have a blog). Fortunately WordPress doesn’t require any knowledge of web languages to get started; in fact right now I only know the basics of html and a bit about css.

  2. Jacob,
    Looks like you had a great trip. I checked out your blog a while back after noticing we have the same last name. I was curious to see if we were related but I don’t think so. I ended up enjoying your photography and astronomy photos and decided to follow.

    I couldn’t help noticing that some of your photos looked very familiar in this last post. ….My grandparents used to live in Lincoln, Maine and I spent my summer vacations on Folsom Pond and Cold Stream…although it might have been Upper Cold Stream….

    Anyway, just thought it was a small world. Keep up the posts.


    1. Hi Scott,
      Thanks for your comment.

      That’s fascinating… I never thought I would run into anyone else with the name Marchio (outside family). Our family history is that we came to America from Italy four generations back (my great-grandfather) and originally settled in California.

      Thanks for following and reading my blog. Small world, indeed.

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