C9.25 Modifications

Photography, Science Tech



Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’m really sorry about that… I’ll get better about posting more often.  A lot has happened… just recently I finally forked out the money and bought myself a decent lens. I’m so far very happy with my new Nikkor 50mm F/1.4G lens and SB-400 speedlight. However this post concerns what I’ve done to my Celestron C9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (the photo above is a “before” photo). Sometimes I step back, look at it, and say… “What have I done!”. But it’s ok… it’s for the better. I think. I hope. Oh well, it can’t be reversed now. I added fans to my scope, to keep the temperature inside the tube and outside the tube the same, and to cool the primary mirror down, should it be warmer than the ambient air. These fans hopefully will reduce thermal problems, which cause the image to be less sharp (putting it simply). One of the fans blows in, the other blows out. They are powered through the “control box”, which has a three position (on-off-on) SPDT (single-pole-double-throw) switch and a resistor. The entire thing is wired so that it runs at 50% speed flipped one way, flipped at the middle position is off, and flipped the other way runs at 100% fan speed. I also insulated the interior and flocked it. “Flocking” is using very dark material to make the interior darker so that there is less light scatter. I want to thank my dad for doing the drilling through the back of the scope… way to go, Dad! I’ll put some pictures below.

Scope Work


Above- the work commences.

Scope Work


Above- work being done.

Scope Work


Above- insulation, prior to flocking and before it was glued into place.

Scope Work


Above- control box, mounted and showing it’s insides and wiring.

And below is the finished scope- ready for action. Well, almost- when we reassembled it, we forgot to put in the O-ring the keeps the mirror from moving too far forward. Oh well… I’m going to have to take it back apart and put that back on. We ran into a lot of trouble, and I didn’t get everything that I wanted done, but I’m pretty happy with the way things went, generally.

Scope Work


That’s all for now… thanks for reading!


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