Cloudy Days, Photos From Spring 2013


This year, the weather has been unusually cloudy. Needless to say, it’s made astronomy very hard to enjoy. However, photography is not limited by weather; bugs and plants keep growing, and they make interesting subjects. Like these bees, who decided that a Zinnia was a good place to seek shelter from a slow summer drizzle in which they were caught.


Speaking of Zinnias, we’ve got plenty in our garden…

Zinnia Bud


With so much rain, there’s plenty to collect on bugs and webs in the morning.

Bug in a web

Not only do we have Zinnias in our garden, but Lantana as well…


It’s not much, but you can see more on my Flickr page. I’ll try to get more organized and get some serious posts in, but this will have to do as an update for now. ‘Till next time!


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