Maine, April 14 and 15

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Greetings from Bangor, Maine! My father, brother, and I flew in on a late flight to our final destination of Bangor International after stopping in New York. It was very cool to fly as the sun set, and see lights flicker on from the houses. This is a more-photos-less-words post, so here’s photographs of the flight and our day today.



Plane wing on the flight

Night Flight


Flying during evening

Night Flight


Night flight, over New York

Night Flight


Flying over New York.

In Maine, there’s still ice in the water! My dad is sitting on the rock.

Cold Stream Pond


Ice Out


Celebrating Ice Out! Ice Out is when the ice breaks up on the frozen-over lakes. Ice Out happened at Cold Stream Pond a few days before we arrived.



Remainder of ice at Cold Stream Pond.

Stay tuned, to find out the real reason we’re here. (Hint: it involves a canoe!)



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