Astrophotography, From March 28

Photography, Science Tech

I would have posted this earlier, but I wanted a couple more shoots to post the best. Unfortunately, weather does not always cooperate.

I started imaging at about 1 A.M., but that’s just my best guess. After waking the mount from hibernation (I had set it up and alined it earlier that evening), I sent it slewing to the Moon. For once, the seeing wasn’t terrible. Not to say it was good either, but not as bad as the before. After some casual glances at various magnifications, I told the mount to go to Saturn. It looked pretty good! The first Saturn observation of the season, and the first time with the C9.25. The Cassini Division (the big gap between the rings) was clearly visible, as was some slight cloud banding. Best view was at 235x magnification. I then went back to the moon, and took some video. All stacked in Lynkeos. I’m really starting to dislike Lynkeos. It’s aligning process could be better, and it has trouble stacking large numbers of frames.

The moon is at F/10. Saturn is at F/25, best 300 frames out of 3,800. These are only jpeg files, but you can click on them to go to my Flickr page where the original TIFF file may look better.




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