Severe Weather Pounds Southeast Alabama

Journal, Photography

Early this evening, I’m sitting at the table, eating dinner with my family. I glance out the window and notice a warm breeze, some slight rain beginning to fall, and a large front moving in from the west. Nothing to worry about, it looks like an early summer storm. A few minutes later, it begins to rain harder. Some lighting is seen, with cracks of thunder. It’s still light in the east, but rapidly growing darker from the west. We continue eating. Then, a light, steady, metallic pinging is heard on the metal roof. Hearing the hail, the entire family rushes out to the front porch to see gumball sized hail falling. We watch for a few minutes, and begin to wander back inside to dinner as it lightens up slightly. Before we sit again, however, we hear very large bangs and crashes- we run outside again to see 1 1/2 inch hail falling. The banging gets louder and more rapid, as larger and larger hail begin to fall. My Mom and Dad stare in disbelief and horror as 3-inch hail slams into the uncovered vehicles. The hail on the metal roof is deafening and you have to shout to be heard. It looks like cannonballs are shot into the pool and the pond.After 5 minutes of heavy hail it stops and I run out to take pictures, and to collect the largest hailstones with my sisters. Take a look at the photographs! I hope no one was hurt out there.

Hail Hail
Hail Hail Hail

The largest hailstone I found was 3 1/2 inches.

View these photos in this set on my Flickr page


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