Lunar Halo, January 21

Photography, Science Tech

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve returned with a photo of a lunar halo I took on January 21. It’s similar to the Solar Halo that I posted about a few months ago, except (of course) it’s caused by the moon. The moon was also in conjunction with Jupiter that day, but it is within the glare of the moon. TheĀ Pleiades can be seen directly above the moon.

Lunar Halo


One thought on “Lunar Halo, January 21

  1. Reblogged this on Shutter to Imagine and commented:
    When I was a kiddo, I wanted to be two things: 1) An archeologist – come one, dinosaurs were (and are) killer! 2) An astronaut – seriously, what beats outer space?! And now, in three short months, I’m going to be a physician…go figure. But this light-filled shot takes me back to those childhood days of star-gazing and dreaming. Thanks to Jacob Marchio for stoking the fires of memory and wonder!

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