Runner Up In the Astronomy Photographer of the Year

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For four years, the Royal Observatory Greenwich has produced the the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition. I entered some of my photographs when the entries were being taken, which ended in June. Within a few weeks they notified me that I was shortlisted. Then came the long, agonizing wait… for the 19th of September. During that period, though, the Observatory contacted me with the news that they wanted an interview with me; they were doing a bunch of short videos on some of the astrophotographers, and asked me if to be featured in one of the videos. A few weeks later on August 15, director Jeff Taylor and Nick from Lonleyleap Film arrived for a day of filming and audio recording.

Fast Forward another five weeks. I am in the car, and we are trying to get home as fast as we can. We arrive in the late afternoon, and I rush in to see who has won the competition. I go to the Observatory’s twitter page, as they announce the winners via twitter. And… I am a runner up in my category, the under 16 category. You can see the under 16 category photographs here. Also be sure to check out the other category winners, and the overall winner photograph of M51 by Martin Pugh. Below is my runner up image.

Montes Apenninus


3 thoughts on “Runner Up In the Astronomy Photographer of the Year

  1. Jacob — We are so incredibly proud of you and your photography! Congratulations for being recognized by so prestigious an institution! GMom

    On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 8:46 AM, Jacob Marchio

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