Photos of the Blue Angels Practice


We went to a Blue Angels practice show yesterday; it was free and we got great bleacher seats! Just a few photos, the best I could do with an 18-55mm kit lens…arg. Pure Blue Angels showing, several maneuvers practiced and repeated. It was pretty much agreed among us that the pilot’s favorite part probably was sneaking up behind us when nothing in particular was going on… and shooting strait over the stands with a gigantic roar. Afterward we went inside the Naval Aviation Museum, which was very cool. The museum had flight simulators with 360 degree pitch and roll; my brother and I did several flips and barrel rolls… my mother’s comment was that we looked like we were standing on our heads most of the time. It was probably true.

Blue Angels


Blue Angels


Blue Angels


Blue Angels


Blue Angels


Once a Plane, Now a Wreck


Above: Yes, this was once a plane… once.


5 thoughts on “Photos of the Blue Angels Practice

  1. That’s so cool that y’all got to see the Blue Angels for free! Where was the dilapidated plane? Was it at a museum or on the beach or at the hanger?

      1. The deck of the museum, or a deck in the hangar? Wherever it was, it was a great picture! šŸ˜€ All of the pictures are cool!

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