Big Honkin’ Conchs, Crabs, and More

Journal, Photography

What a day at the Beach! We basically just hung around, swimming and having fun. A few photos from today, hope you enjoy!

Martha playing a game.



Today we saw plenty of wildlife. Below, a crab I caught.



We have a sand bar near where we are, and so I went out to investigate (some of my brothers and sisters soon followed) and I found a monster Conch. My sisters and mother also found some when they came. These things were huge, my hand is holding one (I don’t really have small hands).





I also found a bunch of Hermit Crabs.

Hermit Crabs


This heron practically posed for a picture.



Only day two…


4 thoughts on “Big Honkin’ Conchs, Crabs, and More

  1. I like the shots a lot! I’m intrigues by the crab shot – how did you get so close without it running away..? Did you catch it….? I ask because I too have tried to photograph them before…. but they just move too fast!!

    1. Thanks! I did catch it, I kept it in a bucket with sand and water for a few minutes show every one… after that I dumped him out. My hand kept him from immediately running, so for some reason he just sat there for a few seconds. Was able to pull off a few good shots 🙂

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