Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far


This is my first time doing the Weekly Photo Challenge. So, here are a few photographs with large depth of fields that I think of as “near and far”.

Below: What can be closer than the grass of the backyard? What about further from the sun? This photograph is actually two photographs; one photograph was taken through my glass solar filter (that little disk is actually the surface of the sun!), and the second was a “proper” exposure with an aperture of F/22.

Sun Landscape

Below: I took this photograph in Maine; this was at sunrise, so I stopped down my aperture and set the exposure at 15 seconds (that makes the glass-smooth water look).

Dock Sunrise


28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. That sun photo is cool, the lines creates Ć„ great effect. I’m quite an amatour, could you tell us what other settings did you apply before shooting the water?

    1. thanks for the comment. The sun rays were created by the F/22 aperture. For the water, I had the aperture at F/22, ISO 100, and a 15 second exposure. The warm colors came from the pre-sunrise dawn.

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