Photos of a Water Moccasin Snake

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I was walking through our backyard in the late afternoon,  when I looked down as I was about to step. This snake was staring up at me, mouth open, where I was going to put my foot. I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took the pictures I wanted; after a quick search, I confirmed it was a Water Moccasin, a venoumous water snake. My brother, my father and I then proceeded to go out and attempt to kill the snake, but we could not find it.

Note the triangle shaped head

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6 thoughts on “Photos of a Water Moccasin Snake

      1. Yeah, I got a bit close to get those pics… the exact opposite of what any authority on snakes would tell you… of course, I didn’t know it was venomous at that time 🙂

  1. It’s a God thing that you could get such good photos without the snake biting you! 🙂 It’s also interesting that when you searched for the snake, it could not be found. It’s kind of lke it wanted its picture taken. Hmm…

    1. Sure is. It didn’t even move when I almost stepped on it. It just laid there with it’s mouth open, waiting for my foot… Yikes. Actually, we kind of scared if off, but that was before we knew what it was and sought to kill it. It wasn’t an adult, so it wasn’t as aggressive… that’s my guess anyway. It could also have just been lazy; it was sunbathing. anyhow, we’re on the lookout for it

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