In Maine Day 6: Photos

Journal, Photography

This afternoon we did some really cool stuff. We started off by visiting relatives, and I snorkeled in Schoodic Lake, which, if you didn’t know, is known as a really, really cold lake. Seriously. It was all pins-and-needles until I got used to it. It’s COLD. But is was a great experience. Then, we took off to the Debsconeag Ice Caves. From the car-parking area, it is about a one mile, beautiful hike. There are lots of large, large boulders (literally, they’re huge) that were left when glaciers retreated. Below is half of the hiking crew; Grandpa Marchio, Grandma Pat, and my brother Gabe.



The cave was really, really, really neat. When we got to the entrance, which is straight down, cold air wafted up at us. Being August, we didn’t expect much ice in there (even in Maine), but we did find ice. There’s a rumor that in the past, local Indians stored beer in there, and for the longest time wouldn’t tell people where the cave was. (below, Gabe descends)



We Found Ice


Naturally, we explored (not for claustrophobic people)(below, Gabe is photographed).




Below: Barbara, Pat’s sister and our guide.



Barbara and Web


And a stream on the trail (below)



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