In Maine Day 5: Photos

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It finally cleared up at night here in Maine, so I was able to pull off some astrophotos just as the moon rose. In the below picture is the area of the sky near Cassiopeia. The streak is a shooting star (click on it if you can’t see it); this is the fist time I have been able to capture a noticeable one!



The Moon rises (below)



We also built a campfire, so we all sat back and relaxed after a hard day’s work. I had some fun shooting the fire; I changed the White Balance to make the fire more yellow like the photo below (you can actually go to the menu and modify the tone, as in more yellow, red, blue, etc.; in Nikons go to White Balance, push select, choose the wb you want, then push the right cursor button, i.e. the right side of the little ring button thing. You can move across the chart for the desired tone).



Or more red:



For the below photo I stopped the aperture as far down as it would go, set it at the lowes ISO, and shoot a 4 second exposure. Doesn’t it create a cool effect?



Stay tuned!


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