In Maine Day 4: Photos

Journal, Photography

A busy day in Maine today. We are traveling back and forth, seeing new things all the time. We started out by visiting a friend of my grandparents, a WWII veteran B29 navigator (his plane actually crash-landed on Iwo-Jima about a week after the U.S. took control of it) and local lobsterman, and at about 91 he’s still pulling in lobsters. Below are miscellaneous photos of being at the harbor.

Al, WWII veteran and lobsterman (below photo).





For lunch, we had Maine’s voted best burger in the state, which actually comes from a local general store.



7 thoughts on “In Maine Day 4: Photos

  1. WOW! Living History. How great. I bet he has many interesting stories to tell, as a vet and a lobster man! Boy, that hamburger looked good!

  2. Amazing pictures! Everything looks like you could touch it through the computer! Do you agree with the hamburger’s rating?

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