International Space Station: Photos


Tonight I was able to capture some photos of the International Space Station, or ISS. I photographed it much like I photograph stars, with a camera on a tripod. Luckily (or unluckily, since it drowned out dim stars) the moon was up, so it gave me something easy to focus on; I put the lens on manual focus, put it on the Live View function on my camera, and zoomed in to get an exact focus. Using the shortest focal length on my 18-55mm lens, I was easily able to use 15 second exposures with zero star trailing. The ISS looks like a bright star, except it moves. A plane will blink, but the ISS (or any other satellite or space junk, for that matter) will be a constant, steady, moving light. These photographs are kind of cool, since the International Space Station came pretty close to both the Moon and Saturn. You can go over to my Flickr page, and there should be notes on where Saturn is, etc.

ISS Rising

↑ The ISS rises, towards the bottom of the frame. the sequential dots at the middle right is an airplane.

ISS, Moon

ISS, Saturn

↑ ISS passes above Saturn. I don’t know if you can tell, but it gets dimmer towards the left edge of the trial; it is going into the earth’s shadow, if you were to watch this in person, the ISS would get dimmer and dimmer, and “go out” all together, until it comes out the other side.


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