Transit of Venus: Photos

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Venus Transit

The 2012 Venus transit is over! (At least for the eastern U.S.) It had started out cloudy, and ended cloudy, but I was able to observe it through cloud breaks. The entire family observed. It was very exciting to see Venus as it just touched the sun’s limb; I was looking through the telescope at the time. It was really cool. God’s creation is beautiful! Below: First Contact (when Venus’s edge first touches the sun’s edge, seen at right a bit past 2 o’clock)

First Contact

Entering the Sun

Clouds Do Not Deter Me

Scott Fillmer Observing

Grandmother Observes

Grandma Observes





9 thoughts on “Transit of Venus: Photos

  1. Jacob, These images are fantastic. I hope that you really think aboutI Incorporating your love of the sky and all that is in it into your future. If you ever want to come visit Purdue University, which is known as the cradle of the astronauts, you are welcome to come stay with us. It’s called that because of the many astronauts including neil armstrong who have graduated

    from here. for shar..beautiful images. Hug your moms

  2. Carol-Anne sent your pictures along to me, and they are wonderful! Have fun, Jacob, and send along any future ones to me to enjoy, too. xxx Aunt Barbara
    (your Mom will tell you when we met! Carol-Anne is my daughter and your grandmother and Debbie are her cousins)

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