Heads Up, Skywatchers! Lyra Meteors

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In the night sky tonight is the annual  Lyrid meteor shower. Although it peaks tonight, you can still see meteors from a meteor shower a day or two before and after the peak. The image above (from StarryNight software, I added the point where the shower is) shows where to look. To see it, it is best to go out sometime after midnight, as it is darkest then. Look up and eastward. The bright star Vega in the constellation makes it easier to spot. Don’t worry if you can’t find it, meteors can come from anywhere in the sky. It will be enough to just look eastward. This year it should be easier to spot even the fainter meteors this year, having no moon to contend with. The Lryids come from the dust and rock of Comet Thatcher. Also in the night sky is our own galaxy, the beautiful Milky Way, declaring the Creator’s glory (Ps. 19:1). If you have dark enough skies, it is quite as sight!

Dress warmly (if it is cold in your area) and clear skies!


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