My First Attempt at Water Droplet Photography


Water Droplets

I have seen water droplet photography, and it has been something I have always wanted to try. I had been thinking and thinking about it, and today I finally decided to try it. My results weren’t as bad as I feared they would be. With common supplies, you can obtain some, well, interesting photos to say the least. What color can I use here? How about a different angle? What will this different liquid, with this color, at this angle do? The creative boundaries are limitless.

To capture the droplets, I used my Nikon D3100 with the flash. The first photos I tried I used just  plain flash, but for the later ones I used this setup:

Water Droplet Setup

I used a series of home-made flash reflectors. They were simply plastic containers lined with aluminum foil and attached with wire for temporary use, but I am going to make something stronger, easier to put together, and more reliable. I used the reflectors to spread out the light a little because I found the direct flash made a bad reflection off the glass bowl. Using a plastic container should remove the need for them.

All I did was take a dropper, fill it with red colored water (that’s if you want red droplets, of course), and drop water into the bowl. With the other hand, I would hit the shutter. It was a bit difficult to keep the droplets in focus; I had to move it back and forward until the little lettering on the dropper was in focus.

It is quite fun, and a good challenge, but there are some things I wonder about, and I tried them, but I could not do. One example is the crown-shaped splash. How is that done? There are many other effects which I would love to figure out. Below are some of my favorites of what I could do. For the last photo, I used blue droplets with red water in the bowl.

Water Droplets

Water Droplets

Water Droplets

Water Droplets


4 thoughts on “My First Attempt at Water Droplet Photography

    1. You know, I read about it a while ago… didn’t think about going back to find it, I figured it would take hours…. but I did a quick search on Discovery News (that’s where I read about it, I remembered that much 🙂 ), and I FOUND IT!!!! (It actually answers some of my own questions!) The Discovery News site is this : His flickr site is this: and his website is this:

      I can’t wait to try out some of the new techniques!

  1. Silly me! When I can back from going to town today and I saw this crazy set up in my kitchen I assumed you were doing a science experiment! I guess, in reality, it was!

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