My Very First Blog Post


Jacob with His New Nikon D3100

Welcome to my blog! A lot of topics on this blog will be about astronomy and photography, which combined make Astrophotography. I recently bought my first dSLR camera, a Nikon D3100 to continue my two main interests. I also own a telescope for astronomy and astrophotography. My telescope is an Orion AstroView6, which is a 6” Newtonian type telescope mounted on a German Equatorial mount. I will explain more about my telescope in a later post. My astrophotography mainly consists of two types, either with a telescope or with out a telescope. Right now, through the telescope is mostly the sun (with a proper full aperture white-light solar filter), the moon, and some of the larger planets. On the tripod, I can use an exposure of a certain length (usually 8-15 seconds) to capture stars and satellites. If I use a very long exposure such as 2 hours, an effect called star trails is created. This is caused by the earth’s rotation and how the stars appear to move from earth.

The photo above is a photo of me with my Nikon D3100, taken by my uncle (see Photowalk with My Nephew’s First DSLR a Nikon D3100 Camera :: Friday Feet).


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